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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because we make them happen!

Stop Going at it Alone!

Create INSTANT Leverage!

Increase Your Business!

Increase Your $/Hour

Use our system to stay effective while being efficient!

Increase Your Business

Leverage your new team so you can focus on your one thing, while we focus on ours!

Increase Your Conversions

Immerse yourself in My Utah Agents University to learn EXACTLY how to succeed.

Increase Your Confidence

With our mentorship you can learn and hone the skills needed to close more deals.

Increase Your Productivity

Connect with our coaches to keep yourself productive and in the right mindset for growth.

Increase Your "Fun Factor"

Be a part of something bigger than yourself and have FUN... That's our culture!

Agent Stories

The knowledge and experience you get as a new agent from a team that is that successful in the industry is priceless. MUA does everything they can and more, to help you succeed in this business. I am happy and proud to be a part of the MUA team.

Juergen Mueller

I can't imagine where my career would be heading right now if I didn't join the team! I quickly realized Real Estate School prepares you to take the test and how to not get arrested... not how to actually be a REALTOR. MUA has literally changed not just my career, but my life!

Jason Taylor

Our owners, Shannon and Liz give everything of themselves to help all of us agents succeed. My Utah Agents administration is top-notch from the top to the bottom and every single detail of our business is reviewed and improved when needed. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. I was meant to be here.

Lisa Sefton Shank

After interviewing multiple brokers, I chose MUA because I felt they gave me the best chance of being successful in a new field. My faith was well placed--I have had more success than I expected, learned so much, and been given so many opportunities both personally and professionally. MUA was definitely the right choice for me. No regrets.

Josi Killpack

When I first got my license 3 yrs ago I knew the direction I wanted to go. I had everything planned and I dove right in. I started out struggling but told myself "This is how it's supposed to be, right?" I finally got on a winning streak and I felt great! Then Covid hit and everything kinda fell apart. It was then that I realized something needed to change. I interviewed MUA and thought "This feels right!" Let's go for it! It wasn't until our 3 day retreat that my eyes opened. It was then that I realized my simple little goals wouldn't get me to the finish line. Ever since, I've strived for bigger and better goals in my personal life and my career. I have Shannon and Liz to thank for all the words of encouragement and support. I have much bigger goals now. Plus, the knowledge to get it done!

Jennifer Reeder

Joining MUA has been the best decision I have ever made. My business has grown immensely in the year I have been here. I went from closing 3 homes/year to 7 in 4 months! Not only am I gaining the knowledge I need, but I am gaining a family that has my back!

Megan Volk

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